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In the best traditions of sauna, TIMO is constructed from 44mm solid Spruce logs with precision tongue and groove joining, ensuring a quick-heating and snug cabin. At just under 2m square with “L” shaped bench layout, the interior has ample space for family and friends and is fitted with smooth, warm Red Alder furniture. In good Finnish style, the ORIGINAL heater has a large rock store so you choose your sauna experience –hot and dry, or soft and steamy! with the protection of a generous roof overhang, you can relax on a deck after a sauna.


  • Solid Spruce log construction: 44mm.
  • Pitched timber roof, topped with Helo’s felt kit or other fi nishes by quotation.
  • Red Alder interior furniture.
  • Insulated wood doors to exterior.
  • 6kw ORIGINAL sauna heater.
  • Full set of sauna accessories.

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